Monchiero, a village "between art and oak trees"

"Tra Arte&Querce" is a unique place in a fascinating village: Monchiero. This small town has Roman origins and dominates the valley of the river Tanaro, in that part of the Langa on the border of the production area of Dolcetto di Dogliani and closer to the Monregalese area and the mountains.

Clelia and Ezio's restaurant is in Monchiero Alto, near the Baroque Sanctuary of Madonna del Rosario. Monchiero is a village of artists: the painter Eso Peluzzi, his nephew Claudio Bonichi and his daughter Benedetta, the writer Gianni Farinetti, the musician Ezio Bosso have written important pages here, surrounded by the peacefulness of a small village, where the Langa offers excellent gastronomic products and truffles that grow in the woods loved by Clelia and Ezio's family. This way the restaurant "Tra Arte&Querce" has become the testimony of a territory that is worth discovering: the Langhe.