Flavors and Emotions in the Langhe

A family has passed down the art and the passion for truffle searching from generation to generation, present with experience and ability the most traditional enogastronomy of the Langa

It is a place where you can feel the history of Monchiero in a part of the Langa which is outlined by vineyards and small woods with ancient traditions. "Tra Arte&Querce" (Between Art and Oak trees) was founded here, in Clelia's fascinating house, in the old town of Monchiero. It is located between a sanctuary of the XVIII Century and the oak wood, with a marvelous view over the Langa and the mountains.

The "Art" is in the sanctuary of Madonna del Rosario, in the ancient Oratorio dei Disciplinati (Chiesa dei Battuti) where the works of the famous painters Claudio Bonichi and his granfather Eso Peluzzi are exhibited. Both fascinated by this magical place, they lived in the house on the square now dedicated to Eso Peluzzi. Even the great composer Ezio Bosso fell in love with this place where he lived for a few years composing some of his great works.